Tuesday, 9 August 2011

The Jade Bracelet by Mary Frances Chong

The Jade Bracelet by Mary Frances Chong

1. What is the relationship between Mrs Wong and Mrs Lee?
They are sibling or maybe they are in-laws.

2. Is Mrs Wong a filial daughter? Give three reasons.

Yes because he is willing to take care of her mother without any complaint. This can be shown when Mrs Wong faithfully take cares of her mother for years.Besides that,she never permit any word of complaint.She also paid whatever price just for her mother's coffin even though she knows it will be cremated after that.

3. What is Ah Kow's real name? How is he related to the dying woman in the short story?

Ah Kow's real name is Fook Kee. Ah Kow is the son of the dying woman in the story.
4. Why is Sam Poh Tong mentioned in the short story?
Sam Poh Tong mentioned in the short story because it is the place where the grandmother will be send. Sam Poh Tong is a cave Buddish Temple.

5. What do you think the jade bracelet symbolises? Give your reasons.

I think the jade bracelet symbolises a person status. Jade is made from a precious stone and it is very har to obtain. That is why it costs a lot. A person who wears jade shows that he or she is a rich people. Apart from that, it symbolises a good health of the person who wear it. The energy in the jade bracelet helps to take extra care and protects the person who wear it. Moreover, people who wear jade have a good luck for years and longer life.

6. Do you think Siew May is naive? Cite your reasons with quotations.

Yes.This is show after grandmother passed away.
The quotation, "I want to go home...... Grandmother will be waiting alone!"
7. Did Siew May get the jade bracelet in the end? Why?

No, because her mother claimed that she is not supposed to own the jade bracelet. According to her mother, her uncle is the one who should own the jade bracelet because he is the only son in the family.

8. Do you like the story? Why?

No, because it requires a lot of thinking. I could not figure out who is the main character actually in this short story. I also could not determine what is the role of some characters in the short story such as Ah Kow and Mrs Lee. Apart from that, the dialogues are not understandable. In addition to that, I could not agree that in the end, Siew May did not own the jade bracelet.

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