Sunday, 15 January 2012

Reflections on Designing the Cover for Florence

Reflections on Designing the Cover for Florence

Florence by Alice Childress


                      Book Cover

After creating the cover for the play Florence by Alice Childress, you are now required to reflect on the following and put them in your respective blogs:

What was my role in the designing of the book cover?

My role was editing the picture for the book cover with the help of my friend. 

Was my opinion taken seriously by the others? Why?

Yes, I think they understand what the picture illustrated on the book cover described about. Although the illustration of book cover is not pretty enough because it was in black and white only, but I think it is just fine for me. Our lecturer commented that our group should have suitable background image for the book cover so that the title of the book cover is clearly illustrated. 

What have I learnt from this task?

I have learnt how to make a book cover and it was my first time. Chosen the pictures for the book cover is quite difficult as we need to considered what the play about. I also give chances for my group to share their opinions and ideas. Besides, I realised that I need to improve my skill in editing pictures and background to improve my presentation. 


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